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12 apps that are a Personal Assistant’s dream

by Leah Pooley

Being a personal assistant is a challenging demanding job that requires you to wear so many different hats depending on whatever mode your boss is in that day. Do you ever have those moments where you think, “I wish there was an app for that.”? Well.. chances are, there probably is. We did some investigating and have put together this list of services that will be sure to make your job a whole lot easier.

What to buy your lover this Valentine's Day

by Leah Pooley

Valentine's Day is a tough one. From the "I don't believe in Valentine's Day" types, secret crushes and new relationships. It's hard to know the right thing to buy your lover. We've put together some pro tips to help you navigate V Day this year.

How to rock that boutonnière at Spring Racing Carnival

by Leah Pooley

Flowers are always an important fashion feature at the races, but did you know that every Spring Racing Carnival race day has its own official flower? This is especially handy to know for the boys when deciding on their corsage, or boutonniere, for the day. So guys, if you want to be on trend and avoid any fashion fails, pay attention to these corsage tips and make sure you wear the right flower on the right day.

Time for tulips

by Helena Power

Although fashionably late, tulips have well and truly arrived in Melbourne this spring. And with the Tesselaar Tulip festival on, we’ve certainly caught tulip fever. There’s not much we don’t love about this gorgeous flower.

Edible flowers in Melbourne cafes

by Helena Power

If there’s one thing we love at Flowerfox, it’s brunch. And lucky for us, we have countless quality cafes in Melbourne, right at our fingertips. Being the flower obsessed people we are, we've formed a list of the hottest Melbourne cafes that dress some of their dishes in gorgeous blooms.

DIY bouquet by Canary Jane's Flowers

by Helena Power

We’re officially over winter and missing those warm autumn tones so we thought we’d showcase the bright ‘Autumn Cheer’ bouquet by the amazing florists at Canary Jane’s Flowers. We’ve put together a foolproof guide to show you how you can recreate this beautiful bouquet at home.

Wedding flowers to best suit your theme

by Helena Power

Flowers are one of the best ways for you to communicate and express your wedding theme. They have a magic ability to evoke emotion and can completely define your space. We’ve selected the most on trend wedding themes of the moment, and discuss what florals and colours suit them best.

Six tips to make your flowers last longer

by Helena Power

Flowers are great in so many ways. They’re beautiful, they smell amazing and they bring us joy and happiness. But what’s the one thing that can make us think twice before spending our hard earned cash on a bouquet? They don’t last! We’re going to let you in on some of our top tips to get the longest life out of your flowers so you can enjoy them for as long as possible.

Why buying flowers online sucks (and what we're doing about it)

by Leah Pooley

Buying flowers is a guaranteed way to make anyone smile, but buying them online is just so damn hard. They don’t turn up, get sent to the wrong address, don’t look anything like the picture, the list goes on. Flowers are supposed to create special moments and say the things that words cannot express, but the online buying experience often takes the magic away. It’s time to uncover the real story about why buying flowers online is often one big embarrassing disappointment.

DIY bouquet by Shady Hill Luxury Flowers

by Helena Power

Teaming up with our beautiful florists at Shady Hill Luxury Flowers in St Kilda East, we have put together a DIY guide to make their exquisite ‘Pastel Soiree’ bouquet. This romantic mix of pink blooms is sure to brighten up your home, or make the perfect gift for someone special.

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