12 apps that are a Personal Assistant’s dream

by Leah Pooley

Being a personal assistant is a challenging demanding job that requires you to wear so many different hats depending on whatever mode your boss is in that day. Do you ever have those moments where you think, “I wish there was an app for that.”? Well.. chances are, there probably is. We did some investigating and have put together this list of services that will be sure to make your job a whole lot easier.

Flower delivery

Sending flowers is an all too familiar task and one that can muster up feelings of anxiety. You’re buying these blooms on behalf of your boss and they need to represent style and quality but all you can find online are dated, generic looking bunches from daggy online retailers. All you want is to order something unique from a quality local florist but they don’t have an online store so you end up placing the order over the phone. It’s just way too hard. Enter Flowerfox, a curated local florist marketplace that connects you to the best boutique florists in the area you’re sending flowers to. Their designs are bespoke and contemporary, and they also stock a range of plants and other gifts.

Detailed travel itineraries

We all know about the standard hotel and flight booking sites however haven’t you ever wished there was an app that provided you with a step by step itinerary to get from a to b? Rome 2 Rio does just that! It tells you all of the possible ways to get from where you are to where you’re going via plane, train, bus, ferry or car and includes the times and costs. You can then book any tickets you need through the app. Talk about a detailed travel itinerary!

Booking services overseas

While we’re on the topic of travel, do you ever need to organise something for your boss when they’re overseas? Drycleaning, driver, massage? Chozun has you covered. With a focus on business travellers, Chozun connects you to quality service providers in the local area so all you need to do is search for the service you need, enter the location, and book and pay through the app. It will even recommend services for you based on your previous choices!

Booking restaurants

Looking for a restaurant to book in a certain area? Don’t spend time checking out countless different websites, go straight to Dimmi where you can view ratings, check out the menus and book a table all in the same place. Need to change your booking? No problem you can manage that in Dimmi too!

Event management

There are plenty of event management apps out there but we thought we’d include the Aussie contender, Ivvy. This handy event management app will help you with everything you need to manage your event end to end - registration and ticketing, exhibitors and sponsors, travel arrangements, payment and invoicing, marketing & promotion and event feedback. It integrates with a whole bunch of other useful tools as well like Eventbrite, Salesforce and Mailchimp taking some of that hard labour out of event management. Ivvy also has a venue hire service that help you find and book the perfect place for your next event.

Meeting notes

The necessary evil….minute taking. Luckily Evernote is here to save the day! It’s a super easy to use app that you can download to your computer or phone that makes it easy to capture, organise and share your notes. The best thing about it is that it syncs between all of your devices so you can be just as organised when you’re on the move.

Alcohol delivery

Do you ever need to order some emergency alcoholic beverages for that spontaneous meeting or event? Tipple will deliver it to you in less than 30 minutes. They are currently delivering wine, beer, spirits and snacks to 210 suburbs across Melbourne and Sydney.

Grocery delivery

We all know that Coles and Woolies deliver, but sometimes you want something just a tad nicer for that special meeting, event or even just to order your boss something for home. Your Grocer connects you to local purveyors of fine food in Melbourne and Sydney. Think local butchers, bakers, fishmongers and independent supermarkets all at your fingertips.

Signing the papers

Managing the signing of legal documents is incredibly important, but it’s also a drag. Using an online signing tool like Hello Sign takes away a lot of the headache. This app completely digitises the signing process by producing legally binding documents that are emailed to all signatories. It will send you notifications when people have viewed and signed the document, and it can be viewed on mobile meaning that the process isn’t held up when people are away from their desk.

Password management

Another boring one, managing all of those login details! Who has the brain space to remember every single password to all of those systems? Well now you don’t have to because you have LastPass. LastPass will store all of your passwords in a central vault and will automatically log you into any system. It also allows you to give people access to individual systems without showing them the password, which is pretty handy, especially if you work a lot with temps.

For those life admin tasks

For those times when you need to call in help to deal with your boss’s personal admin, Air Tasker is an app that connects you to people who can help with anything from gardening to setting up a new home entertainment system. If your boss asks you to find someone to help with something random, chances are someone on Airtasker will be able to get it done.

The holy grail of ‘making life easier’ apps

This magical little app will revolutionise the way you work. Zapier is an app that links other apps together to automate your workflow and it does pretty much anything you can think of. Do you want that request that just came through via email to automatically create as a task in your to do list? No problem, What about those notes you created in that meeting to be automatically sent to your team once you’re done? Sure thing. Add those new event registrations straight into a spreadsheet automatically? Done! Seriously, this app does a lot of stuff, so check it out to see how you can automate your day.

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