Autumn flowers | What's trending in 2018

by Michael Carter

Autumn is one of the most beautiful times of the year for flowers. The change of season brings shorter days, crisp mornings and beautiful fall colours. Autumn floral trends this season are rich, warm and luxurious. Whether you’re decorating your home, hosting an event or gifting someone with a bouquet, here is all the autumn inspiration you need!

Deep Red Tones

It’s no surprise that deep warm red tones are a must have this season. The red wine hues and deep burgundies provide warmth to any occasion and provide a room with depth and richness. Partnering burgundy with softer coffee tones like cafe au lait is the perfect combo this autumn!

Organic Presentation

Organic, natural designs are popular this year. Rustic Chic is sticking around, which means your bouquets should be quirky and whimsical, and your foliage so wild and leafy that it looks like you've found it whilst foraging in your garden. Don’t be surprised if you see maple leaves, dried flowers, or even fruit and vegetables in designs this season!

Metallic Copper Pots

Metallic pots make the perfect flower vase and are a fun and easy way to spice up any room in your house. As much as we hate to admit it, rose gold is unfortunately on its way out, and brass and copper tones are where it's at! These shiny beauties are so versatile and easy to find, start scouring your local vintage markets and garage sales stat!

Popular Flowers This Season

We asked our florists what flowers are hot this autumn:

  • Natives are still really popular this autumn, especially proteas
  • Dahlias are spectacular this year but you better get in quick as they are coming to the end of their season
  • Tulips and maples are both producing beautiful red and orange tones this season
  • The Mother's Day favourite, disbud chrysanthemums are about to pop
  • We've also seen a increase in bright blooms especially yellows as the days are getting darker and colder, to perk everyone up!

Our florists have some beautiful autumn flowers in store. Shop now and find a local florist near you.

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