DIY bouquet by Canary Jane's Flowers

by Christina Molinaro

We’re officially over winter and missing those warm autumn tones so we thought we’d showcase the bright ‘Autumn Cheer’ bouquet by the amazing florists at Canary Jane’s Flowers. It’s great way to bring colour and liveliness to the winter months with flowers that are still available now.

We’ve put together a foolproof guide to show you how you can recreate this beautiful bouquet at home.

You will need:

8 Roses

3 Dahlias

5 stems of Goldenrod

3 Lotus Pods

5 stems of Ivy Berry

2 stems of Corokia

5 stems of Hypericum Berry

How to arrange:

  1. Start by cleaning all of the stems of any foliage that will sit under the water line in the vase.
  2. Make a base using the ivy berry and golden cane, spiralling the stems as you work.
  3. Select your feature dahlias, lotus pods and roses. Thread them through the base, ensuring all stems are placed spiralling the same way.
  4. Using the same process, add in the hypericum berry to create an extra pop.
  5. Finally, select a few stems of corokia with an interesting form and place to one side of the bouquet.
  6. Tie off with twine or ribbon and you’re done.

That wasn’t so hard was it? Share your new floristry talent online and don’t forget to tag @flowerfox_au.

Canary Jane’s Flowers is a local florist in Hawthorn with a gorgeous retro shop, filled with eclectic, unique flowers and gifts. If you like the sound of that, you can shop her range online here.

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