Edible flowers in Melbourne cafes

by Michael Carter

If there’s one thing we love at Flowerfox, it’s brunch. And lucky for us, we have countless quality cafes in Melbourne, right at our fingertips. Being the flower obsessed people we are, we've formed a list of the hottest Melbourne cafes that dress some of their dishes in gorgeous blooms. Of course we had to taste test some of them, it would have been rude not to. Here are the ones that made our fave list.

My Other Brother (MOB) - Camberwell

We loved the trendy look of this cafe in Melbourne’s East. MOB had a very sleek interior, and an excellent menu. Even for a Wednesday morning, the cafe was quite busy. We decided to try the Pitaya and Chia Bircher which came with coyo, mixed seeds, passionfruit, cranberries, coconut, strawberries and crushed pistachios. Boy, were we satisfied. The colour of this dish is incredible with the bircher being a hot pink and the fruit was super fresh. Covered in purple, pink, yellow and white petals, this bircher both looked and tasted beautiful.

Square and Compass - East Melbourne

This Claredon street beauty was a great breakfast spot to visit. You can choose to sit amongst the modern interior or if it’s a warmer day, opt for the quaint street side patio and people watch to your heart’s content. We were very impressed with the menu at Square and Compass, and were told to try the Charcoal Chia Pudding with coyo, fruits and buckinis. This may not be as colourful as the other dishes but rest assured, it was super delicious and the fresh fruit and flowers were perfect additions.

The Kettle Black - South Melbourne

If you know about The Kettle Black, then chances are you’ve also seen their ricotta hotcake. These are a flower lovers dream and perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth. With blueberries, maple, double cream, seeds, nuts and a handful of petals, this brekkie option is stunning and delicious. It was a no brainer for us to choose the hotcake, however, there were a couple other floral dressed dishes that we will most certainly be back for. Polenta porridge and soaked muesli, we’re coming for you next!

Photo via The Kettle Black Facebook

Tinker - Northcote

The menu at Tinker is a bruncher’s dream. Every dish seems just too pretty to eat. Yet you eat it anyway, and damn it’s good. We of course studied the menu prior to our visit and could not go past the mango and saffron panna cotta. Accompanied by vanilla, almond and cranberry granola, strawberries, passionfruit, raspberry and coconut, this was the perfect sweet treat to get us through the morning. The dish was so colourful and vibrant and covered with gorgeous blooms. If panna cotta isn’t your thing, the Jaffa Hotcakes were also petals galore.

After two weeks of sugar over-loading, the Flowerfox team is going on a diet. But here are some delicious of the places that are next on our radar.

French toast Dundas and Fausset - Albert Park

Photo cred to breakfastin.com.au

Buttermilk Waffles at Naughty Boy - Princess Hill

Photo cred to @naughtyboycafe

Nutella Pancake Sandwich at no. 19 - Ascot Vale

Photo cred to @becjudd

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