How to buy the perfect Mother's Day flowers

by Leah Pooley

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and it’s time to celebrate those strong, inspirational woman in our lives. What better way to show how much we love them than with a beautiful bouquet of flowers? But with so many different types of flowers, colours, styles and sizes, choosing the perfect bunch isn’t always easy. We’ve put together some tips to help you select the perfect blooms for mummy dearest this Mother’s Day.

1. Match her style

Is your mum a classy lady who likes the finer things in life? Is she a hippy at heart and prefers the whimsical, unstructured look? Will she appreciate classic Mother’s Day flowers like chrysanthemums and tulips or will she love whatever flowers are trending? If you know her style, the clothes she likes to wear and the way she decorates her house, you should be able to match this to a bouquet. And if you’re having trouble figuring it out, describe her personality to a local florist and they will be able to help find the perfect bunch.

The Classic Hat Box by Flowers for All. For mums that like to keep it classy

2. Consider her colours

Colour is so important when it comes to choosing flowers. Do you know her favourite colour? Her clothes will normally give you a pretty good hint. Think about what she normally wears. Is she bright and colourful? Pretty and pastel? Classic and monochrome? You also need to consider the colour scheme of her home. Is it minimalist and pristine? If so, it’s probably best to stick with classic whites. If she has an eclectic vibe with lots of colour then you have permission to go bright and bold. And if she has a highlight colour, it’s best to buy flowers in that colour or one that complements it.

Large Warm Tone Posy by Flos. Botanical Studio. For mums who like it bright.

3. Select the right stem length

As nice as it is to receive a spontaneous bouquet of flowers, scrambling around to find something to put them in...not so much. Know what vases your mum has available and buy the appropriate size bouquet to match. If you’re unsure, why not choose flowers that come in a vase? You can never have too many flower vessels right?

Classique by Shady Hill Luxury Flowers. For mums who own a tall vase

4. Don’t forget her first Mother’s Day

When we think of Mother’s Day, we often think of the mums that raised us, but what about the other ladies in your life who are experiencing motherhood for the first time? They would no doubt appreciate receiving flowers from you on their very first Mother’s Day.

Box of Blooms by Casa Verde. A pretty yet convenient choice for new mums

5. More than flowers

We highly doubt that this could ever be the case, but in the unlikely event that your mum doesn’t like flowers, it’s best to respect this and get her a gift instead. What about a houseplant in a nice pot, a candle or some soaps? We’ve got a great selection of non flowery goodness in store, and it's all perfect for Mother’s Day

Modern Indoor Plant by Moss & Maple. Perfect for mums who aren't flower fans

Our florists have some beautiful flowers, plants and gifts in store for Mother's Day. Shop now and find a local florist near you.

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