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Why buying flowers online sucks (and what we're doing about it)

by Leah Pooley

Buying flowers is a guaranteed way to make anyone smile, but buying them online is just so damn hard. They don’t turn up, get sent to the wrong address, don’t look anything like the picture, the list goes on. Flowers are supposed to create special moments and say the things that words cannot express, but the online buying experience often takes the magic away. It’s time to uncover the real story about why buying flowers online is often one big embarrassing disappointment.

DIY bouquet by Shady Hill Luxury Flowers

by Michael Carter

Teaming up with our beautiful florists at Shady Hill Luxury Flowers in St Kilda East, we have put together a DIY guide to make their exquisite ‘Pastel Soiree’ bouquet. This romantic mix of pink blooms is sure to brighten up your home, or make the perfect gift for someone special.

Why a winter wedding?

by Michael Carter

What comes to mind when you think of winter? Cold? Rain? Dullness? Not often does wedding spring to mind. Yeah, the weather may be cooler, but there are so many reasons why a winter wedding is the way to go. We’ll let you in on a few.

Plants and flowers that bring positive feng shui

by Michael Carter

Plants are a great way to bring life and atmosphere to any room but did you know there are particular plants and spaces within our homes that can create positive and enriching feng shui? By correctly selecting and placing these plants we can invite good energy, health, wealth and happiness. And who doesn’t want more of that good stuff?

Five floral inspired gin cocktails

by Michael Carter

In celebration of World Gin Day, we've gone through 'extensive research' and extremely necessary taste testing to find five floral inspired gin cocktail recipes that will change your life.

The latest trends in Mother's Day flowers

by Leah Pooley

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and the obvious way to show mum how much you care is with a beautiful bunch of flowers. But what to buy? We went to our florists and asked their expert opinion on the blooms that are in this year.

The growing popularity of houseplants

by Leah Pooley

If there’s one secret ingredient that makes any room look great, it’s a houseplant. There's no denying they're all the rage right now, but were they always this popular? We dug a little deeper and discovered that humans and houseplants have a long and interesting relationship.

6 proven mental health benefits of flowers

by Leah Pooley

Did you know that flowers are scientifically proven to have a positive impact on our mental health? We decided to get our nerd on and give you the facts.

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