The latest trends in Mother's Day flowers

by Leah Pooley

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and the obvious way to show mum how much you care is with a beautiful bunch of flowers. But what to buy? We went to our florists and asked their expert opinions on the blooms that are in this year.

Traditional Mother's Day Flowers

Pretty, classic flowers are always popular when it comes to mum which means that these traditional Mother’s Day favourites are still safe go-tos…


Of course we have to start with the chrissie, the traditional Mother’s Day flower in Australia. The chrysanthemum symbolises friendship and positive well wishes. They come in all shapes and sizes from smaller field varieties to the wonderfully large disbuds.

Chrysanthemums by Canary Jane's Flowers

By Canary Jane's Flowers


Tulips tend to symbolise love, but different colours can say different things. Pink tulips mean caring so they’re a great one for Mother’s Day. Yellow tulips bring cheerful thoughts...also a good option. Got some apologising to do? Then white tulips are your friend. And red tulips stand for true love so maybe leave these ones alone.

Simply Tulips by Cakes & Vases

By Cakes & Vases


The lily symbolises motherhood and fertility so is the perfect fit for Mother’s Day. If you want to break it down by colour, white means purity, pink stands for ambition and encouragement, yellow conveys good health and wellbeing, orange is confidence and pride, and red is of course love and desire.

Not Just Lilies by Shady Hill Luxury Flowers

By Shady Hill Luxury Flowers


Roses have long been associated with motherhood, making them a popular choice on Mother's Day. However, trying to navigate the meaning of roses can be a bit of a minefield with so many variations and colours available. Let's cover the basics - pink roses convey admiration and gratitude, white roses signify virtue and purity, yellow roses stand for joy and friendship, orange are for passion and energy and once again red is for love. Whatever you do don’t send black roses, that means the end of a relationship so you probably want avoid that one on Mother’s Day.

A Dozen Beauties by Casa Verde

By Casa Verde

If your mum likes to keep up with the latest trends then forget about the traditional options and opt for something unique that is a reflection of her own personal style. So what's in right now?

Native Flowers

Native flowers are super popular with the cooler weather setting it, especially proteas which are looking really beautiful at the moment .

Nature's Bounty by Shady Hill Luxury Flowers

By Shady Hill Luxury Flowers

Autumn Colours

Anything autumnal is trending so a bouquet with warm tones of reds, oranges and yellows is sure to impress. Look out for posies with whimsical foliage in multiple colours.

Autumn Charm by Canary Jane's Flowers

By Canary Jane's Flowers

Houseplants & Succulents

We all love receiving flowers but there inevitably comes a time when we have to say goodbye. If you want to give a gift that lives on, houseplants are where it’s at. Instantly transforming any room and great for health and wellbeing, a houseplant really is the perfect gift.

Trailing Hoya by Casa Verde

By Casa Verde

Quirky & Colourful

If your mum is larger than life and a little bit left field, then forget about traditional and on trend. Go for the craziest, brightest bunch you can find. Think unstructured, wild and colourful with a clash of styles and lots of foliage.

Seasonal Pot by Thrive Flowers & Events

By Thrive Flowers & Events

Shop our range of Mother’s Day flowers, plants, succulents and gifts. We promise she won’t be disappointed. Delivering across inner city Melbourne. Orders close 12pm this Saturday.

Have your say. We'd love to hear what you think.

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Meanwhile, in other flower news...

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