Wedding flowers to best suit your theme

by Michael Carter

When it comes to planning your wedding, choosing a theme that reflects you as a person, and you and your partner as a couple, can help keep the day authentic and a true representation of you. It can however, be quite overwhelming finding a theme that will make yours stand out from the rest.

Once you pick your theme, so follows the finer details like decor, table arrangements and our favourite (we think is most important too), flowers.

Flowers are one of the best ways for you to communicate and express your wedding theme. They have a magic ability to evoke emotion and can completely define your space.

We’ve selected the most on trend wedding themes of the moment, and discuss what florals and colours suit them best.


Did you opt for a wedding where you get to squish your toes in the sand and feel the cool ocean breeze? If you’re a beach babe at heart, chances are you don’t like to fuss much about anything. You may prefer the relaxed, tropical landscape to do all the talking, and keep your wedding flowers minimal and oh so simple. Crisp white is your best friend. Line your aisle and douse your centre pieces with many white roses, astrantia and orchids. If you see yourself carrying something more colourful and want to pick up on the tropical vibes of the event, bright blooms such as ranunculus, blush peonies, colourful roses and hydrangeas may be more to your taste. Using greenery and seagrass here and there is also a nice touch to keep things looking simple, natural and very beachy.


A good tip to keep when picking out flowers for a rustic themed wedding is to have them look as though they could have been hand-picked from your very own garden. Think of native flowers in neutral tones or opt for blooms in yellows, oranges, reds. We love all things local and homegrown so native Australian flowers like the waratah or protea are big, bright, beautiful flowers that are sure to make a statement in your wedding bouquet. Gypsophila or lots of greenery like eucalyptus in your bouquet, centerpieces and aisle dressings is also a nice touch. Tying twine around your vases, cutlery and other bits and bobs is right on trend.


A whimsical wedding theme can be interpreted in many different ways but no matter what the interpretation it’s got to be ethereal and feminine. Some might take inspiration from vintage or bohemian styles with neutral, romantic tones however it can also be vibrant with lots of colour and energy. Your wedding flowers will play a massive role in showing off your interpretation. If you love the idea of colour you can use bright flowers like roses, camellias, dahlias or tulips. Anything that will give your wedding bouquet a gorgeous pop of colour. If you opt for something more neutral and romantic, roses, peonies and dahlias in pastels, creams and white will work great.


We don’t know about you, but when we think of a bohemian wedding our mind transports us deep into a fairy-tale-esque forest land. Your wedding flowers should all be very natural and moody looking. Colours could include reds, burgundy, purples and pinks. What’s probably most important when decking out a boho themed wedding is the greenery! Put some wild, green foliage here, there and everywhere. Dahlias, hydrangeas, king protea, chrysanthemums and tulips will all play the party perfectly.


If colour or on trend themes aren’t really your thing and you prefer to keep things more traditional, a classic and glamorous wedding could be the theme for you. Suitable colours are white,, gold, champagne or cream. When choosing your wedding flowers, white roses, white peonies, white camellias and white ranunculus will give you that crisp, clean and classy look you’re after. Red roses are of course very classic and perfect for a wedding bouquet.

We hope this gives you some inspiration when it comes time to sort out your bouquet and wedding flowers. The most important thing is to stay true to your own personality and style. Flowers are a wonderful way to express who we are so if you pick a wedding florist and floral style that you love, your day is sure to be stunning and memorable.

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