How we're different

Fresh flowers from a local florist

Flowerfox is a curated marketplace where you can find Melbourne's boutique local florists in one place.

This means that you buy their own unique products directly from them at prices they decide, giving them full creative freedom. Kind of like Etsy for flowers!

Simply enter the suburb you want to send flowers to and we'll show you all of the beautiful blooms, plants and other gifts available in that area. Once you've purchased you can chat directly to the florist without us getting in the way, unless of course you need us.

Florists manage their own deliveries for a flat fee of $10. This helps us keep things local and also avoids expensive delivery fees for you.

If you want fresh, unique flowers that show up to the right place and look as beautiful as the picture, we've got you covered. If you'd like to find out more about how it all works, feel free to get in touch or check out our video.

We're in beta!