Our story

Hi, I'm Leah, the founder of Flowerfox.

Being a country girl from WA, I have always loved flowers. I grew up on a property filled with acres of sprawling gardens and fruit orchids so I respect and understand the magic that flowers can bring. When I moved away from home and started sending flowers online, I was constantly disappointed with the experience and felt that this magic was being lost. There were no decent contemporary options, everything seemed overpriced and what showed up was definitely not a reflection of my personal style. I decided to look for a better solution, and didn't find one.

I started making friends with florists and the more I spoke to, the more I realised how challenging it was for them to be successful now that customers were moving online.

Many local florists don't have the time or resources to manage their own online store and those that do can be difficult to find amongst the sea of websites posing as local florists. So I found out more about how things work with these sites and was not impressed. They fulfil a sale by asking local florists to recreate their catalogue image for less than what they would charge themselves. The florist barely covers costs and they're definitely not getting creative freedom.

I decided there must be a better way. So I started the journey to build a new kind of online flower experience that would empower florists and create positive change for the flower industry.

Flowerfox is passionate about supporting local businesses, bringing the art back to floristry and giving customers access to unique, handcrafted products that will give that moment the magic it deserves.

We're in beta!