Substitution policy

Flowerfox Florists are committed to making sure you receive an amazing bouquet of flowers every time you order.

Florists will in every instance create flowers that look as much like the picture as possible and are true to size and colour. Occasionally, our florists may have to substitute certain flowers due to availability, seasonality or artistic creativity. Our florists visit the markets daily so you can be assured that your flowers will be fresh. You can trust that our florists have your best interests at heart and any substitutions will enhance the flowers rather than detract from their amazingness. We give our florists your contact details, so if they do feel that the substitution needs to be discussed, they will contact you. Florists will always substitute for something equal or higher value. You can put any notes to the florist in the notes section if you would like to discuss substitution.

If you ever have an issue with what arrived, please photograph your flowers and email and we will work with you and the florist to resolve the issue. Our florists are the best in the business so your flowers are always going to be awesome - we promise!

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