Why join Flowerfox?

Flowerfox Florists are stylish and unique

So you want to know more about being a Flowerfox florist? Here are just a few of the reasons why we think we should get together.

New customers & more sales

Make an extra $10k + each year in sales
Attract people with style who care about buying local
Increase brand awareness and repeat purchase

Save time & money

None of the budget and hassle involved with having your own online store
If you do have your own online store, save time and money on marketing


No contract
Full control over your products and prices
Creative freedom. No recreating catalogue shots
Package your flowers your own way

Fair pricing

20% commission on every sale
No subscription fees or added costs
100% of the delivery fee paid to you

Fair & transparent

We are true partners and our interests are aligned with yours
Free analytics so you know how your store is performing
Constant two way feedback to enhance improvement

Simple set up

Easy and quick to set up and manage your shop
Super easy to add and edit products
Hide your store or products at any time

Enhance your brand

Be part of a community of the most popular and talented florists
Align your brand with a new and innovative tech startup

Help with marketing

Assistance with marketing and building your brand
Free content and events on social media and digital marketing
We take care of SEO (Google page rankings)
Opportunities to take part in marketing and PR campaigns

So I'm guessing you're keen to get in touch now right? Just register your interest here and we'll get back to you.

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